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this episode was just beautiful

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Everyone’s seen this, right? Every potential mancreature has their color scheme that represents their personalities. I’m going to briefly go over personality types based on colors, but I implore you to look more into it on your own - a lot of personality color sites are way more in depth than this post will be because I’m a lazy ass. 

These color schemes are INCREDIBLY important, especially for a certain controversial character that a lot of the fandom seems to hate. 

Koujaku is red for passion and anger.

Clear is yellow for happiness, joy and energy.

Noiz is green for  growth and safety (also money hahaha deep pocket punk)

Ren’s is blue for depth and stability, wisdom, truth and a bajillion other things…blue is a huge color. 

Virus’s and Trip’s is gray for detachment. It’s a color of compromise (basically they act under the situation).


Mink’s is pink.

Pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It’s kindness and hope. It’s a color of nurturing. It can also represent a lack of self-worth. But the pink is subtle on his physical character, an overbearing amount of gray in comparison. He tries to act detached, like he doesn’t give a shit - but he does. His actions in Oval Tower completely floored me and sent my thinking of him in a completely different direction. There’s other things about his character based on designs and color schemes, as well, like Scratch’s design and his rainbow colored coil. Rainbows represent a lot of deep shit. Life, enlightenment, spirituality, hope, transformation, death…Since I’m this far, let’s talk about his allmate, Tori the cockatoo: also pink, designed after a Major Mitchell/Leadbeater’s. Cockatoos are a symbol of change, of spirituality and finding the light. 

(⊙‿⊙✿) *huffs*

Just throwing this out there, since I haven’t seen anyone else go over this. If someone already has, sorry. 

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"next is the Cinnamon Bara!!!"

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Okay but no, like seriously, Clear’s heart is fucking adorable. That thing is cute as shit - not only because it just looks cute (a robotic heart with it’s little gears and wings and bolts, so freaking adorable! I want one!) but the fact that Clear’s subconscious fashioned a metaphorical heart that doesn’t look like an actual heart (granted, the shape of it does greatly resemble one does) but like a robotic one in order to convey that Clear knows that, despite being a robot, he is human. Not physically but emotionally, metaphorically, mentally - he’s a robot but he’s a robot with a heart and that is fucking adorable (and also, given the context, horrifically sad).

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his face is a national treasure and no one can tell me otherwise

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